We help patients reverse cognitive decline, autoimmunity, fatigue, and hormonal imbalances using a personalized functional medicine approach. 


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Welcome to Infinite Functional Healing

Dr. James Roman The Cognitive Coach

At Infinite Functional Healing we create a comprehensive, unique care plan by examining blood, hormonal, nutritional, and intestinal health of patients suffering with chronic health conditions.  By analyzing gut health, mental health, physical fitness, diet, hormonal balance, and detoxification we can develop a personalized approach to address and reverse chronic conditions.


Fatigue, digestive problems, blood sugar/insulin resistance, memory loss/brain fog, rapid aging, and hormonal issues are all signs that your body is not functioning at an optimal level.  By using a functional approach to care, we can determine how different organs (stomach, liver, pancreas, kidneys, detoxification) are all working and then by restoring their function, help to repair the body, and reverse chronic conditions.  The Office of Dr. James Roman with Infinite Functional Healing 

We help patients with these chronic health conditions


Gastrointestinal Health – GI Dysfunction

Memory Loss/Brain Fog

Unsuccessful Weight Loss


Low Thyroid

Here are the life changing results that occur through our personalized functional approach to care

Patient Success Story – Beverly H.

Patient Success Story – Holly C.

Patient Success Story – Whitney M.

Health Success Story – Lesa P.

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