A Critical Test for Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer’s disease… 

Dr. James Roman The Cognitive Coach

At Infinite Functional Healing, we realize how critical it is to get an accurate picture of what is happening with the not only the function of the brain in cognitive decline, but how the entire body is functioning.  That’s why we run close to 250 different tests to fully evaluate both the body and mind of patients experiencing memory loss and cognitive decline.

One of the most important tests that we look at is the APOE4 genetic lab test.  This test allows us to know if you have a genetic predisposition to developing dementia and possibly AD.  APOE (or apolipoprotein E) is a gene that you receive from both your mother and father (2 copies).  APOE4 is the specific gene that is associated with dementia and cognitive decline.

It’s important to note here that just because one tests for the APOE4 gene, does not mean they will develop Alzheimer’s disease.  It just means that there is a higher lifetime risk of developing it.

Often times in our practice, we’ll work with patients that have a genetic family history of AD or dementia.  These patients usually have high amounts of fear over developing these conditions themselves.  What we try to do is remind them that even though they have a genetic predisposition, is does not mean that they are predetermined to develop these conditions.

Lifestyle and their environments play a larger role than genetics.  The food they eat, the physical and emotional stress they are under, and the toxic environments they live in (air, food, and water) all play significant roles in determining cognitive function and health.

Nearly 75% of the population does not carry this APOE4 gene, (they carry APOE3/3) and have a lifetime risk of 9%.

And based on the number of copies of APOE4 that you have (one or two) this determines the percentage rate of higher incidence.  APOE4 (one copy) will increase the lifetime risk of developing AD to 30%, and APOE4 (two copies) will raise the lifetime risk to 50%.


Why is this important to know?

Because as I mentioned above, just because you have a genetic predisposition, does not mean that you have to experience cognitive decline or develop dementia.  But why it’s even more important to know is the APOE4 gene tells us how your body handles inflammation.

APOE4 carriers tend to have higher rates of inflammatory markers (Homocysteine, C-reactive protein,) which indicates how their bodies handle infection, allergies and acute and chronic inflammation.  And this inflammation, or more so, higher inflammation creates problems in several areas of the body.  From gut health, (GI function) to blood/sugar sensitivities, to liver function and yes, lastly the brain.  

And that’s why it’s even more important to know which APOE gene you carry. This is just one of 250 different tests that we look at when determining the source of memory loss and cognitive decline.  

If you’re struggling with memory loss, don’t wait.  Now is the time to do something about it. It’s critical that you do the right testing first to determine the underlying causes of memory loss, and then starting on the right path to restore your body and your brain back to health.

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About Dr. James Roman

Dr. James Roman graduated from Life University of Chiropractic in 2001 and began his practice in 2002.  After 11 years in private practice in Atlanta, GA, he sold his successful practice in to move out west to Denver, CO and start iVelocity Marketing. As the Founder and CEO of iVelocity, he grew his marketing agency 10X and was listed as the INC 500 list of fastest growing agencies in the country.  After experiencing the stress of growing and managing a successful agency, at 45 years old, he was having sleep, memory and chronic digestive problems.  This led him to sell his agency to focus on his health.  After reversing his own conditions, he began this intensive study of functional medicine and now helps patients reverse their conditions and live a healthier and more vibrant life!


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